By: Dr. James A. Perkins 

Christmas offers our families a time of cheer, love, and happiness. However the possibility does exists for situations to occur that generate some level of conflict among our loved ones. To lessen the possibility, consider the following:
1.  Determine Beforehand To Be On Guard. Ideally we want only good things to take place at Christmas time. We desire to enjoy each others’ company and for love to reign. Yet since conflict might emerge when least expected, decide in advance not to get embroiled. This means you prepare for the potential prior to any gathering. Then if moments come when a disagreement rises, refuse to be drawn in. Decide in advance to keep from engaging in disagreements.
2.  Pray Before You Go To Control Your Tongue. Pray that no unwholesome words proceed from your mouth. Then as you participate in Christmas celebrations, refrain from negative or hurtful talk.
3.  Go And Speak Words Of Grace. Speaking with grace means allowing Jesus to govern your tongue. So before you relate to others, humble yourself unto Christ and pray for your family members. In advance, ask for His gracious words to flow from your mouth. Then go enjoy Christmas with your family.