By Dr. James A. Perkins

No matter how much a family tries, on occasion negativity occurs in home life. Hopefully such episodes are few and far between, but even small conflicts can have a lasting effect upon relationships. This is why it is important to consider 


1. In situations where negativity shows its ugly head, you may simply make a quality decision. To keep the peace in your own life, privately chose to rise above the fray. Refuse to get involved in the conflict and say to yourself you won’t permit the negativity of others to be yours again.

2.  Another way of overcoming negativity in family is to make clear your position in advance. Communicate to loved ones on a day when everything is going well in family life. Share with them that in the future, if a negative situation emerges in relationships, here’s your plan. You intend to speak to family members in positive ways rather than engaging in negative debates.

3. A third way that can help in overcoming family negativity involves an invitation. Be bold and invite those you love to join you in trying to reduce negative conflicts. Challenge your family members to team up and together be ready to douse any future fire with an outpouring of love. Then agree in advance that all family members seek for the days of negativity to become a thing of the past.

And in all things keep turning to Jesus. Remember that His love conquers all and overcomes every obstacle in family life, when we turn to Him.   

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