By: Dr. James A. Perkins 

We all make connections with people and some become our friends. Over time they sway our worldview, shifting how we relate to our loved ones. 

Here are 3 Facts To Know About How Friends Influence Family Relationships.

FACT 1: Some friends aren’t really friends at all. Though you might think so, some are really bad company. They bring negativity to life and reduce moral sensitivity. These “friends” empower wrong attitudes, thoughts, words, and actions. Soon their persuasive ways alter us and change how we relate to our family, hurting relationships with our loved ones.

FACT 2: Some friends are true friends in word and deed. Their lifestyle encourages a higher level of living and makes you a better person. Right friends elevate good values, because they encourage greater moral and spiritual sensitivity. As a result, their influence can make you a better family member. Such a witness lifts home relationships to a higher level.

FACT 3: One Friend makes the difference in all other friendships. Those who really have an authentic relationship with Jesus discover how to live and love as a true friend. With Him in your heart, you can serve family members by living and loving like Jesus. His influence can bring eternal influence in family relationships.