We’ve all heard the saying, “Wipe the slate clean.” Well, we need to understand that there’s no area where this is more vital than in home life. Removing hurtful things we say and do empowers healthy relationships among loved ones. Let’s consider, 3 Results of Forgiving and Forgetting in Marriage and Family.

1. Forgiving and forgetting in marriage and family personally sets you free. When one harbors resentment and anger toward others, evil thoughts and actions fester. But if one forgives and forgets, a sense of freedom emerges that brings liberty and joy. Have you not only forgiven others, but also completely forgotten all past marriage and family tensions? If not, why not?

2. Forgiving and forgetting in marriage and family has the potential of setting others free. It’s a fact that some people simply won’t forgive and forget. Even the perfect love of Jesus will not change the mind of a few who never let it go. However, when you forgive and forget those who have offended you, the door opens for the individual to follow your example. Will you seek to set others free by being an example for them? If not, why not?

3. Set the stage of forgiving and forgetting in marriage and family life by praying, in faith, that He will do it. Christ is the ultimate Liberator in all matters of life. He alone can do for us, and others, what we could never do for ourselves. Who do you know that needs to forgive and forget the past hurts they’ve endured? Will you commit to praying and trusting Jesus to intervene in their behalf? If not, why not?

Years ago, Clergyman Phillips Brooks wrote these wise words. “Forgive, forget. Bear with the faults of others, as you would have them bear with yours.”