By Dr. James A. Perkins

According to the Pew Research Center, “Three-quarters of all adults (76%) say their family is the most important element of their life.” The question that rises is do we walk our talk? We need to be certain that our relationship with our family really is the most important priority in life. Here are 3 Reasons Why We Should Prioritize Family:

1. We should prioritize family, because negative people and things can be like poison to our family and must be countered with positive influences. In a world filled with increasing immorality, we ought to be diligent in guarding our homes and insisting on good moral and spiritual values.

2. We should prioritize family, because failing to do so is sin. In our culture many don’t seem to understand the danger of sin. When we claim we have the right to run our life and reject wise counsel, the decision brings bad results. To avoid sin, do the right thing and keep family a priority.

3. We should prioritize family, because after God Himself, family ought to be our top priority. Since God makes family His priority, wise family members follow His lead.

Look at your household and ask your loved ones if each of them views family as a priority. Invite them to explain their answers.

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