3 Reasons To Quickly Forgive in Family

By Dr. James A. Perkins
Life happens in family and often differences occur. In the heat of the moment things may be said and done that hurt. The result may cause bitter resentment and some leave the matter unresolved.
By holding on to an unforgiving spirit and failing to forgive others, we allow poison to damage us. The untreated wounds allow infection to grow that hardens the heart. We should consider 3 Reasons To Quickly Forgive in Family.
Being quick to forgive your family really represents an act of loving yourself. If you care for you, then do yourself a favor. Get the thorn out of your heart, so you feel better. When you forgive, the barb of bitterness is removed and healing begins.
Being quick to forgive your family is an act of loving others. Deep down inside you love your family (even if at times you may feel like you don’t). When you forgive a loved one who has offended you, you demonstrate your love for them. All of our loved ones make mistakes at times. Forgiveness helps family members know you love them.
Being quick to forgive your family is a testimony of your love for Jesus. Think about how often the Lord forgives you. As a demonstration of your love for Jesus, love Him enough to forgive like He does.