3 Reasons To Keep Re-Prioritizing Your Family
By Dr. James A. Perkins
The majority of people believe that their family is a chief priority. They value the importance of kindred relationships and live convinced that they elevate their home as most important.
The challenge we all face is faithfully making sure that what we claim in our minds, we live out by our actions. Consider 3 Reasons To Keep Re-Prioritizing Your Family.
1.  Keep re-prioritizing your family, because it’s easy to believe all is well and be wrong. Some of us make assumptions that our family is number 1, while that assessment isn’t accurate in the minds of our family members. This failure causes loved ones to question our competence.
2.  Keep re-prioritizng your family, because it’s easy to begin strong and end weak. We burst out of the gate with great enthusiasm, but begin to slow down and give out of gas. This failure causes the family to feel you can’t be trusted.
3.  Keep re-prioritizing your family, because it’s easy to let urgent things push aside the most important. This idea is called the tyranny of the urgent. We are sure our family members understand our excuses, but most times they won’t, even if they say they do. This failure causes a family to think that they aren’t of value to you.
Ideas like the above should motivate us to take seriously the need to keep re-prioritizing our families.  Make yourself a promise to keep re-examining you and your relationship to loved ones.  Develop a daily habit, a faithful evaluation to keep on track in insuring that family members remain a top priority.  
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