Man was made to work! And even though some guys are lazy and avoid working, such men are in conflict with their natural bend. In fact, not only are men made to work, the reality is most men love it. They like to toil and sacrifice, exerting themselves to work, achieve, and be satisfied in their efforts. And a man might easily allow himself to place going to work above his loved ones.
Now against this background, let’s examine 3 Reasons Why a Man Often Elevates His Work Over Marriage and Family.
1. He thinks, “If I work more now, one day soon I’ll be more present, active, and connected to my wife and kids.” Though this notion seems noble, such reasoning points to greed. By prioritizing work, accomplishment, and acquiring wealth over marriage and children, home life suffers. Pastor Andy Stanley’s insight impacts marriage and family life. He writes, “Greed is not a financial issue. It’s a heart issue.” Greed shrivels up a heart and results in harming home life.
2. He may conclude, “Since there’s less stress at work than at home, I’ll allow my workplace to be my escape hatch from marriage and family pressures.” Did you know that men tend to flee to their work to escape dealing with their wife and children? In fact, many numbers of men view the sacrifice of laboring as more peaceful, pleasurable, and purposeful than dealing with household stresses. Every man ought to apply Abraham Lincoln’s words to family. He said, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” How many men chose work to evade their home life!
3. He might be unaware that a man is cursed in his work. We find In Genesis 3:17b, God’s judgment on man’s sin. He said, “Cursed is the ground because of you; in toil you will eat it all the days of your life.” Though God’s curse points to toil in labor, thinking labor is about the workplace misses the mark. The real curse is a man’s failings to cultivate the garden of marriage and family. The best work any man can do keeps Jesus first, then marriage and family second. The mistake many men make is work first, second, and third, yet assuming all’s well with God and home life. This is the real curse upon man.
Allow Novelist Paulo Coelho’s insight to serve as a word of warning to every husband and father who fails to prioritize his commitments in marriage and family life. Coelho writes, “Every blessing ignored becomes a curse.” Men, are we cursing or blessing our marriages and families?