A common issue in numbers of households: Life together can mean taking the family for granted. Even more problematic, some families live in conflict and keep hard feelings toward others. Sometimes it can get to the point that loved ones intentionally ignore, avoid, and resist each other. And if left unresolved, cold heartedness becomes the chief response. This problem is why it’s essential to know 3 Practices To Resurrect Your Marriage and Family. If you want life, not death, to define your marriage and family, do the following:

1. Take Full Responsibility for All the Negative Things You’ve Done. Though human nature doesn’t like accountability, it is necessary for the best in home life. Taking the right step means you accept responsibility for all the negativity that you have brought in the home. Acting responsibly is the first step.
2. Die to Wanting Your Own Way. Since all of us have the tendency to “run the show,” we need to realize how our selfishness harms the home. Be courageous and decide to give up wanting your own way. Ask yourself “Am I willing to die to all the hurtful and harmful things that I’ve done to my family?” If you sincerely die to your own ways, a new day begins!
3. Rise Up, Come Alive, and Resurrect Life in Marriage and Family. When we die to our own way, we give up reacting in evil ways toward our loved ones. And we learn to replace death with life, seeking how to love others in the household unconditionally. We become a life giver that improves marriage and family.
Now how does being a life giver sound to you? The fact is, your family members want you to reflect resurrected life, releasing love, joy, and peace in the home. So why not start right now living with resurrected life?
And by the way, the best thing to do is to allow Jesus, the risen Lord, to live His life in you. As He lives life in you, loved ones see it and are helped. By applying this to marriage and family, the real meaning of Easter becomes evident: Jesus is the Resurrection and Life in you. What a testimony!