By Dr. James A. Perkins

Christmas includes giving gifts to family members and friends. So why not offer to others what they really want this season? Here are 3 Great Gifts That money Can’t Buy For Your Family:
1.  Give Your Family Joy.  We can buy Christmas gifts, but being joyful is more than money can buy. So during the holidays determine that in every situation you display a joyful spirit. Follow what the angels sang on the first Christmas. Give “joy to the world.”
2.  Give Your Family Peace. During the holidays the speed of activities may tend to rob people of peace. This year give the amazing gift of peace to family and friends. Live peaceably before them, and serve as a peacemaker to them. Mimic what the angels proclaimed, “Peace on earth” in every circumstance and to everyone.
3.  Give Your Family Good Will. This Christmas, shower your loved ones with good will. Plan to be friendly, kind, and cooperative in all your relationships. Commit to reflecting a considerate and compassionate heart to family members in all your words, feelings or actions. When you present loved ones with this gift, you align with the angels who declared, “Good will to men.”
When you share, peace, and good will with your family and friends this Christmas, watch as something awesome happens. You will see them rejoice in these special gifts that no amount of money could ever buy.
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