By Dr. James A. Perkins

Everybody does it – fail. Since we really are only human and live in a fallen world among a fallen race, we fail. The wise learn how to turn a failure into a stepping-stone of growth and overcoming obstacles in life. Some of the most successful people that ever lived failed over and over, but eventually they succeeded. So learn 3 Essentials To Stop Feeling Like A Failure.

1. It Is Essential Not To Allow A Failing To Define You. Everybody fails and some define the rest of their lives by it. What a waste! Be mature enough to accept that all people fail, but most soon get over it. And know this: failing doesn’t define you. So don’t allow a failing to mettle with your self-image. Separate a failure from how you see yourself, for you aren’t a loser but only learning how to win.

2. It Is Essential To Stop Focusing On Your Failure. One of the big deceptions in life is the power for us to keep focusing on how we failed. You must see the danger in such a behavior and train your mind to major on the positive and good things all around you. Focus on the blessings in life, and your struggles with failing increasingly shrink.

3. It Is Essential To Remember God. You know, everybody thought Jesus failed. He died and was buried, so all the people concluded, “That’s it, He’s gone and it’s over. What a big, fat failure.” But now comes the rest of the story. Three days later Christ rose from the grave and death, and lives forever as a perfection of true success.
Now one reason to remember God, is because He uses failings to created successes. And if we stay focused on how we fail, time is wasted as we fan the flames of our shortcomings and mistakes. But God has something much better for you – His victorious life.
Now the facts are:
Everybody fails, and this goes on all the time.
A personal relationship with Jesus empowers us to bounce back quicker.
Trusting Christ through the struggles of failing makes us stronger in faith.
Jesus will never fail us, so let’s trust Him and live triumphantly even when a failing occurs.

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