By Dr. James Perkins

Life has a way of beating us down to the point where we don’t feel confident. However, to live an abundant life every day requires us to be more than conquerors. To stop the downward pull of timidity, fear, doubting self, and questioning your capacities, embrace 3 Essentials To Becoming More Confident and say to yourself . . .
1. I Really Know Who I Am. To answer who you really are means you discover and become confident about your IDENTITY. And this takes time and reflection. See you must accept yourself, delighting that you are a unique person unlike all else on earth. So study your character, personality, and individuality. Become comfortable in your own skin and confident that you know who you really are.
2. I Really Know Why I’m Here. Every person on earth has a special ASSIGNMENT in life, for we are all made for a purpose. So on a scale of 1 to 10, find your top 2 reasons you believe you’re here on this planet. Reject the notion that you only live to exist. And accept the fact that you are placed on this world with a sacred calling. Watch your confidence grow by realizing why you’re here.
3. I Really Know Where I’m Going. You’ve heard the saying, “Aim at nothing and you hit it every time.” So where is it you’re headed in life? What is your target? What clear DIRECTION guides you toward your destination? Don’t squander another moment by floating aimlessly without a clear vision, by living stuck and resigning yourself to it, or by failing to have a life map. Listen, as you discover where you’re going, you will sense confidence exploding inside.
Let me offer a final word to consider: Family life either helps or hurts you gain confidence about who you are, why you’re here, and where you’re going. So if family members enlarge your confidence, that’s very good. But if they don’t, then find your confidence from friends and God. And especially God!  You see, only Jesus shows you who you really are, why you’re really here, and where you’re really going. So delight that as you trust in Christ, He lives as your confidence.

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