By Dr. James A. Perkins

Feeling rejected can happen in family anytime. Home life includes situations where one family member says or does something that causes another member to be hurt and put down.
Rejection comes easily, so we need to deal with the problem before it turns into resentment. Here are 2 SIMPLE STEPS TO GET OVER REJECTION IN FAMILY.
1. To get over rejection in family requires that you forgive the one who hurt you. If a family member either intentionally or accidentally puts you down, forgive them as soon as possible. The reason you want to forgive ASAP is more important than you might realize. You see, when you forgive the sense of rejection can disappear.
2. To get over rejection in family is more about God than your family. Whether real or only perceived, we can easily think we are rejected. However, our sense of rejection ultimately is about our relation to God. All of us are made by God and for God, but our sin separates us from Him. The sense of separation from our Maker makes us feel rejected, and may cause us to blame others for it. Those in our family get blamed, but it is the separation from fellowship with our God that is the primary cause of feeling rejected.
So it is only by knowing God in a personal way, and knowing He accepts us fully, that allows us to find help. Since the Lord wholly receives us, the Father sees His Son in us. Because of Jesus love, we can learn to accept ourselves and our family members more easily. 

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